'Sons of Anarchy' episode 605 - 'The Mad King' recap: SAMCRO pays a hefty price

Well, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) has certainly put the club in a terrible position. The latest episode of "Sons of Anarchy," "The Mad King," likely left you with your jaw on the floor. Pick it up and let's see if we can get through this together.Naturally, the club went looking for revenge after the death of two members in "Wolfsangel,"at the hands of the Irish. However, Jax always thinks he's smarter than everyone, so he has a plan B. He presented an idea to the kings that would see Damon Pope's heir apparent take over the gun trade. Had he run that idea by Chibs (Tommy Flanagan), Jax would have known that offering the Irish a black business partner was the worst possible idea, and one they wouldn't take kindly to. It seems the shot callers in Ireland hold on tightly to their racist ideals. It probably didn't help that Jax also took a few Irish...



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