'19 Kids and Counting': The Duggars celebrate 29 years of very fruitful marriage

It's anniversary time for the Duggars on "19 Kids and Counting" - both couples!Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are celebrating their 29th anniversary, and Josh and Anna are celebrating their 5th happy year together. Jim Bob recounts how he met Michelle: he was doing church visitations with a friend and the friend said he knew of a girl (a cheerleader, even) who had just become a Christian, and Jim Bob said "well, let's go see her." He says when Michelle came to the door, she was the "most beautiful girl I'd ever seen." Michelle, on the other hand, doesn't remember meeting him specifically. Maybe the friend was really cute. However, she does say she knew after their first date that Jim Bob was the one for her.Jim Bob tells Michelle to pack a bag, with a specific list of stuff, including closed-toed shoes and, romantically, gas pills. Well, after 29 years together, you have to be practical. They visited...



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