'Supernatural' Season 9 premiere recap: Sam's guardian angel may be the Winchesters' downfall

The following recap contains major spoilers if you have yet to watch Tuesday (Oct. 8) night's "Supernatural" Season 9 premiere ... You have been warned ...Did anyone here truly believe Sam wouldn't make it out of the "Supernatural" Season 9 premiere alive? Of course not. But did anyone here think Dean would let an angel possess Sam -- long term -- to heal him from the inside out, without Sam knowing an angel was inside him? No way.Unfortunately for the brothers' newly stabilized relationship, that's exactly what happened in the epic, intense Season 9 premiere. The action picked up the next day after all the angels fell to earth, and Dean dragged an unconscious Sam to a nearby hospital. Not finishing the trial to close the gates of hell burned his organs, and his brain wasn't getting the blood and oxygen it needed to survive. Sam's body shut down and went into a coma...



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