Catfish Recap: Childhood Crushes Die Hard

On rapper Bow Wow’s minor 2001 hit “Ghetto Girls,” he has a line about loving real-ass chicks who “won’t front for some Mickey D’s.” I’m sure that was a real priority for him at the time, being 13 and all, but last night’s Catfish saw a woman taking the lyric a little too seriously.


McDonald’s employee and “part-time model” Keyonnah was roughly “60 percent convinced” she was in an online relationship with Bow Wow when she called in Nev and Max. A Bow Wow fan since her playground days, Keyonnah connected with the rapper (real name Shad Gregory Moss) through a Facebook fan page. Not only does Facebook now have its own “verified” stamp for celebs and people of interest, it’s not all that difficult to spot the real page from an imitator. There are some jank-ass Bow Wow imitators on Facebook, cover photo all wonky and whatnot, and then there is a pristine one with more than 4 million "Likes" and the URL “” Read More...


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