Sons of Anarchy Recap: Burning Down the House

You’d think, after all the carnage of the last episode, that Sons of Anarchy would take it easy this week. Maybe regroup, lick its wounds. But there’s no time for mourning in SAMCRO, and in this week’s episode, the club suffered the biggest loss of the season. Here’s what we learned from last night’s explosive episode of Sons of Anarchy.


Chekhov’s Shamrock Pen: There were a few scenes this episode of Jax and his brothers chasing Irishmen through warehouses. While the action seemed wholly consistent with the fast-paced world of Sons, the scenes also neatly set up the explosion in the final act. In the first scene, after stabbing a man in the left hand, Jax thrusts a shamrock pen into his right and demands an address. The second chase scene takes place in a beer distribution warehouse in Lodi. Those are the tell-tale pens and kegs that roll in the end of the episode. “Another fine Irishman brought down by the bottle,” Chibs said. Very nearly. Read More...


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