'The Tomorrow People': Robbie Amell, Luke Mitchell in 'X-Men' meets 'The Matrix'

As if high school weren't tough enough, Stephen Jameson is convinced, with good reason, that he is going crazy.He hears voices no one else does. Yet in Stephen's strange new life the voices are real. He's a superior creature, a "homo superior," as he discovers on the compelling "The Tomorrow People," premiering on The CW Wednesday, Oct. 9.Stephen is a good guy, says Robbie Amell ("1600 Penn"), who plays the high-school student. He earns good grades and is a devoted son, but his life unravels."In the past year things have gone to hell for him," Amell says to Zap2it. "If you were hearing voices in your head that weren't your own, that would be horrifying. He is finding out that there isn't anything wrong."Not if you are a genetically mutated superhuman, there isn't. In addition to hearing voices, he teleports in his sleep, a habit that does not endear him to neighbors when he wakes...



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