'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Brad Culpepper vs. Caleb Bankston at Tribal Council

When we last left our "Survivor: Blood vs. Water" castaways, two people had gone home -- Colton claims he quit to help Caleb's game. Uh huh. Who will go home tonight?Redemption IslandCandice is understandably dismayed to find her husband arriving at their Redemption camp. He's like, "Sorry you've been here without me" and she's like, "Dude, it's not good that we're both here." We appreciate the sentiment, but c'mon, John.The next morning at the duel, Candice is mad at John's tribe, saying she wished it was Brad who walked into Redemption. The show's editing acts like her saying he's "somebody she could hate" and calling him a "child" is akin to her running over his dog with a truck or something. It's a game, gang. Calm down.John does take the time to call him out and warn people, then we get to the duel. It's a rope race on a ladder bridge, then a tough...



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