'The Tomorrow People' premiere: Super bodies, super powers and another Amell

It's hard to feel bad for the characters on "The Tomorrow People." They're young, hot and never have to deal with public transportation in New York City. With an interesting concept and plenty happening, the characters also help to make one of the more entertaining pilots of this fall.DisclaimerOkay, so here's the thing. Much like executive producers Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec, I was in love with the original "Tomorrow People" series back in the '80s when Nickelodeon aired reruns. I've been waiting impatiently for this to hit TV since the pilot was announced about a year ago.It's safe to say that I was predisposed to like this show. Thus, don't expect a lot of criticism here. Not only is this a solid pilot, "The Tomorrow People" is also a show that pushes all of my happy buttons.Yes, they could have screwed this up. Berlanti and Plec could have just given us hot superheroes....



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