'The Big Bang Theory': Amy ruins 'Indiana Jones' for Sheldon - and the audience - in 'The Raiders Minimization'

Amy Farrah Fowler, Indiana Jones hater. Who knew?With "The Raiders Minimization" on Thursday (Oct. 10), "The Big Bang Theory" continues the evolution of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), as spurred on by his relationship with Amy (Mayim Bialik). Sheldon's never been comfortable with feelings, so when Amy trashes "The Raiders of the Lost Ark," Sheldon's favorite movie, by pointing out that the Nazi's defeat would've happened whether Indy was involved or not. Initially, Sheldon only admits to being bothered that something he cherished was proven fallible and so, he sets out to give Amy a taste of her own medicine. But once the show has fully wrung enough laughter out of Sheldon's revenge quest, it calls the nerd on his BS and forces him to face his hurt like an adult.After inviting Amy over for a night of "Little House on the Prairie," wherein he continually points out the many anachronisms in the classic series, she...



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