Parks and Recreation Recap: The Merger Czar


Attention: Eagleton is now under martial law! Oh, wait, never mind: It’s just that Eagleton technically no longer exists, and Pawnee and its former foe are one for the first time since 1817. It’s just like those good old days, except women and minorities can vote, we have indoor toilets, and we no longer burn widows for learning arithmetic.


Almost every department in Eagleton has a Pawnee equivalent, save for the Department of Infinity Pool Design and the Department of Dressage, which is that thing Mrs. Mittens’s horse did at the Olympics. Each Pawnee employee is paired up with — but also competing against — his or her Eagleton counterpart. It’s all very Hunger Games. In honor of this remarkable occasion, I’m going to steal a page from my Rosewood doppelgänger … and do a special edition of the Pawnee-Eagleton Power Rankings!  Read More...


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