Scandal Recap: Making Jam in Vermont


There was a time when Olivia didn’t drink wine?


I love episodes like this, where everyone featured is in rare form. Rowan Eli “Mystery Man” Pope has more ways to manipulate Olivia than he does monikers, and this week we got a little more insight into their incredibly tense relationship.

So, in flashback, we see that he used to force her to come to Sunday dinners in exchange for paying for her law school degree, an arrangement that Olivia understandably detested, given that they hadn’t been on good terms since he sent her away after her mom died — and because he talks about mastodons in that annoying dad way that forces you to humor them because you feel like such topics bring them their only real joy in their life. But her resistance comes across as a little bratty at first. I just started my Ph.D., and I’m here to tell you — if anyone offered to buy me unlimited dinners in exchange for paying for this degree, I'd show up with a smile so wide it would threaten to sprain my gums and discuss anything, including Miley Cyrus. It’s hard to blame Liv, though, once you’re reminded of how overbearing and dismissive Rowan is to her.  Read More...


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