Scandal Season 3 Review “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

This week’s Scandal was a bit of a change of pace. It didn’t have the breakneck speed that last week’s episode had, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It gave us a minute to breathe, which it looks like we’re going to need. That’s not to say this episode didn’t have any meat on its bones though. We got to peel back some more layers of Olivia Pope, and we found out why she hasn’t spoken to her father in five years.

In flashbacks we found out that after Olivia’s mother died, her father shut Olivia out. He sent her off to boarding school and was apparently not really involved in her life until after she graduated from law school. Then he wanted to try and patch things up with her, so he basically used extortion tactics to make her come to dinner with him every Sunday. On the surface, you’d be rooting for Olivia to give her dad a chance to make it up to her. However, nothing is as it seems. Olivia’s father is the head of B613 and when she found out about it from Huck, he grabbed up Huck and would have had him killed if not for Olivia having a few cards of her own to play. We also found out why Olivia initially broke things off with Edison. If she hadn’t, her father would’ve had him killed just so he could protect his own power. He also probably would’ve killed Huck. Olivia was disgusted once she found out who her father really is and what he’s capable of, so she cut off all communication with him. And I thought my family was complicated.



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