Glee Season 5 Review “The Quarterback”

What is there really to say? Glee‘s tribute to both Cory Montieth and the character he played was as imperfect, heartfelt and emotional as the show always has been. There was as honesty to the episode and the tears that were shed that is almost too much to bear but, as Rachel said, she didn’t know if she could sing again, and now she knows she can. Lea Michele’s willingness to make ‘The Quarterback’ stops the episode from being exploitative, and it was with that line that we realised why it exists at all.

But it was still brutal to watch, as beautiful as some of the performances and some of the musical numbers were. Two versions of me watched the episode – the fan and the critic. As a critic, it made me cringe as often as it made me cry but, as a fan, that didn’t matter. As critical as I am of Gleesometimes, I’m not going to sit here and rip the episode apart. It’s not my place, as I’m sure the writing and the acting all came from a place of real grief. That’s apparent all the way through, and the fact that they pulled it off at all is a wonder.



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