Parenthood Season 5 “Nipple Confusion” Review

Previously on Parenthood . . .

- Julia moved towards accepting her unemployed status.

- Crosby and Jabar did adorable things together.

- Sarah managed to suppress her fears and embrace her daughter’s engagement.

- Kristina hired a campaign manager portrayed by an actress who played a super annoying character on this past season of True Blood. The campaign manager immediately picked up on Adam’s doubts about Kristina’s campaign and awkwardness ensued.

This week, we saw Sarah working on career number 1,080. Writer, bartender, landlord . . . now a photographer. I understand that Sarah was disappointed that Kristina didn’t exactly jump at the opportunity to have Sarah take her headshot, but should she really be surprised? It’s a natural reaction from your loved ones if you’re changing careers every couple of years. More importantly, the doubts should be expected when you don’t appear capable of following through on anything in your professional life. If Hank does nothing else during his time on Parenthood, I will always be grateful for him sharing these exact same sentiments when Sarah came to him for sympathy.



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