The Good Wife Season 5 Review “A Precious Commodity”

Not many would dispute the notion that The Good Wife is one of the most polished shows on television. The show is teeming with competent professionals who can stand and deliver when asked. It’s led by perhaps the most solid actress of our time (Julianna Margulies), co-stars some able performers (Christine Baranski and Josh Charles), and has several bit players exceedingly capable of coming in and stealing scenes (Alan Cumming, for one). It’s the kind of show that must be a joy to produce. Everyone seems so professional and so well put together it becomes hard to quibble with anything the show is trying to do. Sure, the storylines may occasionally flub, but the performances always hit their marks, and everyone looks great doing it. It’s a clean, polished machine of network television. It takes a lot of pride in being a network procedural with cable-level sensibilities and mostly delivers on that promise.



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