Boardwalk Empire Season 4 “The North Star” Review


For the most part, I’ve enjoyed this season of Boardwalk Empire. You won’t find me complaining about spending more quality time onscreen with Chalky White, Al Capone, Albert Rothstein, George Mueller, Richard Harrow and this season’s newest addition – Dr. Narcisse. Although he’s certainly not my favorite character, it’s been hard not to notice Nucky’s absence from the central storylines. I might not like Nucky, but I’m definitely a fan of Steve Buscemi. No matter how interesting the secondary characters are, Boardwalk Empire is still a series based on Nucky Thompson.

This season, however, Nucky has been mostly relegated to a role in which he is reacting to other people’s problems, from Dunn Purnsley to Bill McCoy to Will Thompson. I always enjoy a good mental sparring match between Nucky and Arnold, but there’s been too little of that and way too much of Will Thompson. I’ve tried my best, but I simply don’t give a crap about Nucky’s nephew. I suspected that Eddie’s suicide last week would give Nucky’s arc this season a much needed boost. Eddie may be gone, but he surely wasn’t forgotten this week. At long last, we got an update about Margaret.



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