Castle Season 6 Review “Number One Fan”

Well, it took several episodes to get there, but “Castle” is back, baby! Yep, after the unfortunate misstep of the initial two-parter (which I actually suspect will play better the second time around, knowing as we do now that the show had no intention of sticking with that route), and the slightly off last episode, “Castle” finally got all of its pieces in the right place for the latest episode, “Number One Fan.” Or at least by the end of the episode, I should say.

But even allowing that everything wasn’t in its right place until the end, with Beckett’s reinstatement, and by extension, Castle’s being welcome back into the fold in a more official capacity; this still felt like a much more “normal” episode of the show we’ve all come to love and none too soon, if you ask me. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I get that shows need to grow and flourish and continue to get better and all that, but there’s changing for the better and losing what made people fans in the first place, and“Castle” came pretty close to jumping over that big old shark these first few episodes back.



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