Witches of East End Season 1 Review “Marilyn Fenwick, RIP”

The second episode of Lifetime’s Witches of East End is just as sweet and silly as the first, just with slightly less focus but, hey, we’re not here for the storytelling. The bond between the four family members is what the show has going for it the most, and thankfully the writers seem to know that.

We left off on a cliffhanger last week, so the first order of business was to check in with Ingrid to see how she cope with saving the day on her lonesome. It turns out she’s coping pretty well, but an ill-thought out move to resurrect Wendy before her nine lives curse can kick in means that we’ll be waiting for the other shoe to drop all season. The magic on Witches of East End has consequences, which I like very much, and if the family cast a spell, it’s likely that it’ll come back to bite them eventually.




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