Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Review “Kidnapped”

Though I’m still angry that Beauty and the Beast have decided to stay with their clichéd amnesia story, I have to admit I actually prefer this version of Vincent. He’s less sappy and weak – a better soldier – and now he and Catherine have to actually fight for their relationship, rather than simply fighting the things around them that threaten to part them. Catherine is coming across as a little needy, and maybe Vincent shouldn’t be indulging her if he’s not as invested, but all these changes serve to make the relationship more interesting.

If anything, now that they’ve gone down this root and I can’t do anything about it, I’d kind of be disappointed if Vincent got his memories back. Building a new relationship is more interesting, and they still have a connection even if he can’t remember their picnics on the roof. It’s darker. That said, it’s not a particularly pleasant feeling for the audience, as we share the alienation and frustration of Catherine, and I wonder how long the show can sustain this new relationship before the giddy romance comes back. She doesn’t listen to reason until the final scene forces her to, so episode three will move us forwards even further.



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