Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Review “John Doe”

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder in Sleepy Hollow. If there’s one thing I can say about this show, it’s that it is never boring. The interplay between Ichabod and Abbie continues to be sweet and amusing and another Horseman revealed himself.

In this week’s news of the weird, a little boy with no ID, wearing very old style clothes and speaking an ancient, dead language suddenly showed up in Sleepy Hollow. As if that weren’t strange enough, the boy, Thomas, seemed to have some sort of plague that was infecting all the town’s residents. Ichabod and Abbie discovered that the boy was from Roanoke, Virginia circa 1590. After tracking Thomas’s trail back to its origin, they found Roanoke’s colonists. They seemed to be both trapped in time and infected with the same strange plague as Thomas. Unfortunately for Ichabod, he became infected too and was dying. As it turns out, the plague was created by the Horseman Pestilence and he lured Thomas away from the colony so that the boy would spread the plague throughout the world. However, Ichabod and Abbie discovered that the ghost of Virginia Dare was protecting the colonists and, thus protecting the world, from the plague. Abbie was able to get Ichabod and Thomas back to the colony where they were baptized in the water and cured of the plague. Apparently, when they were cured, so were all the infected people in Sleepy Hollow.



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