'Homeland' Season 3 'Tower of David' recap: Brody and Carrie's parallel journeys

Things aren't looking great for Brody in "Homeland" Season 3. Brody is finally introduced three episodes into the new season, and it's revealed he's in a horrible state. Riddled with bullet wounds and brought into the company of men who have no qualms about killing people in a mosque or doping him up with heroin, the wanted fugitive might have ended up in a worse situation than if he had stayed in the United States after the attack on Langley. Carrie isn't faring much better. She's been in the mental institution for three weeks, and though she at first seems like she's in a much better mental state thanks to the lithium she is on, it becomes clear that's all a ruse. Carrie is falling apart locked up just like Brody is, even though both probably should lay low for a while and neither is really in a situation where they can end up somewhere...



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