Boardwalk Empire Review: I Am Who I Am

In the wake of Eddie Kessler's death, Nucky and Eli each struggled with the direction of their lives this week on Boardwalk Empire. "The North Star" also featured the return of Richard to Atlantic City as he checked in on the life he left behind, after last season's shootout. 

Other than Eddie, Margaret probably has been most privy to the private side of Nucky and his vulnerabilities. With Eddie gone, Nucky reached out to her while in New York, hoping to find some shred of the connection they once shared. Even after hearing of Nucky's recent loss, she remained guarded and unwilling to grant him any feeling of their former connection. The fact Nucky ordered that cinnamon roll, which Margaret noted his usual distaste for, showed how Nucky wasn't himself and was searching for something. Any feeling of sympathy Margaret may have begun to feel for him though, was short lived, after his absent minded comment about Teddy's present stirred up the memory of Owen Sleater's death.   Read More...


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