Eastbound & Down Recap: Doom and Flume


Even in the real, non-Eastbound world, water parks are a site of bleak-ass human comedy: Sunburnt parents in safari hats and Tommy Bahama swimsuits, spoiled kids clamoring for Dippin’ Dots, damp-floored and unsanitary public bathrooms. It’s enough to make you want to get sterilized. This episode — which sees Kenny and the gang taking a trip to the fictional Congo Canyon Resort — suggests that these parks offer something very different, but equally messed up, after dark. Specifically, a guy who keeps nunchakus tucked in his bathing suit sing-songing “Co-CAIIIINE!” before fastballing a baggie of it at you. (Later, we are treated to multiple shots of his flaccid penis while he is running at high speed. Don’t say Jody Hill never gave you anything.)  Read More...



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