'Beauty and the Beast': Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk talk Season 2 romance in 'Kidnapped'

Vincent (Jay Ryan) is back in "Beauty and the Beast" Season 2 for "Kidnapped, but the romance is far from certain between Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and her beast. Will these true loves find each other again? Can Vincent turn away from his new mission? How much involvement does Cat's dad have in all of this?Kreuk and Ryan answered at least some of these questions in recent interviews. First of all, there's the important issue of whether or not the romance is doomed. Ryan did give some hints about how Vincent just won't be able to stay away from Catherine, even if he wants to. "There's always that pull, that connection," he explained. "I think that's what really starts to unravel this new Vincent from what he's focused on right now. There's this pull of this woman who says that they're together and she knows all this stuff about his past ... It's a constant...



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