'Beauty and the Beast': Kissing, sex and a breakup, all in 'Kidnapped'

You can't accuse "Beauty and the Beast" of being inefficient in Season 2. Over the course of a single episode, Catherine tracks down Vincent (twice), gets kidnapped, kisses the guy, has sex with him, gets tied up, chases him to a club, plans a second date and breaks up in a violent fashion.This kind of drama usually takes a full season! Keep reading for a more detailed account of the crazy drama."Yay. Muirfield's gone."The above line may just be the best thing ever uttered by Kristin Kreuk in her entire career. Totally sums up Catherine's attitude about anything and everything that is not Vincent these days.You see, everyone knows that Vincent went and murdered the head of Muirfield after sneaking out on Cat. By itself, this really wouldn't bother anyone (since they all hate Muirfield), but there's also the fact that Vincent has changed his M.O. with this killing. Instead of killing for defense,...



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