How I Met Your Mother Recap: Busted Flush

As if on cue, the first bad episode of the season: Four reasonably strong installments in, this would seem like the perfect time for the writers to kick back a little. No one expects perfection this late in the series, so the only issue is the strategic placement of stinkers.


Last night was heavy on hyperbole. Ted and Marshall’s exaggerated, passive-aggressive war over wedding-gift etiquette was the most preferable of the plotlines, and it would have been a complimentary diversion if the scene at the Farhampton Inn was at all engaging. But here we begin to see the limitations of the setting. There’s only so much that can happen in the course of one weekend, tertiary characters are going to be trotted out, and some of them are too outrageous to take seriously. Apologies to Frances Conroy, but she played my least favorite character on Six Feet Under and I don’t particularly enjoy her in this role. We get it: She scans frigidly, but acts like a MILF — it’s a punch line with diminishing returns, and sometimes even she appears a little confused about what she’s doing here.  Read More....


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