'Supernatural' recap: 'Zeke' proves his value while Abaddon vies for Crowley's crown

Warning: the following recap contains major spoilers from "Supernatural" Season 9 episode 2, "Devil May Care" ...Though last week's "Supernatural" Season 9 premiere dealt with the immediate fallout of the events in the church, Tuesday (Oct. 15) night's all-new episode featured a look at what the major arc of the season will be ... namely, what to do with all the fallen angels, demons, and bad things roaming the earth. Like Dean said, it's going to be a busy year.At least the Winchesters have two tricks up their sleeve: an angel in Sam and the king of hell in their basement. Are these two good things?First off, now that Ezekiel is in Sam's head, Dean's been worrying about whether or not he made the right call to allow the angel to possess his little brother. And according to "Zeke" -- love that Dean's giving him a nickname! -- he did. And not just allowing...



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