'New Girl': Nick and Jess' first fight (not caused by Schmidt) in 'The Box'

It had to happen sooner or later -- Nick and Jess had their first fight on "New Girl." This of course does not count revenge fights instigated by Schmidt. We're talking about the real thing, about serious relationship issues.They fought over "The Box."Where did Nick's dad get that money come from anyway?The whole thing begins with a shady guy showing up at the loft door with an old paper sack full of money. Apparently, this is how someone like Nick's dad does his bequests. Now, Nick has $8000 and isn't very good about spending it. Winston wants Nick to pay back the $1900 that his roommate owes him. Jess thinks that Nick might want to consider paying the literally hundreds of bills that have been shoved in a box. But Nick uses this box to forget about things he doesn't like. Sorting through it would ruin that.This is where things get tough in relationships,...



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