NCIS Review: True Honor

Richard Parsons would have flipped his wig if he had ever learned how far Gibbs and the late Mike Franks had bent the rules. 

While the story in "Anonymous Was a Woman" revolved around the "honor killing" death of an Afghan woman (masquerading as a Navy sergeant) the deeper story was one of regret.  The deep and thoughtful universe behind Gibbs' quiet demeanor was ripped wide open for the viewers, but not at all for the rest of the NCIS team.  And what a sight it was. 

Who knew that Gibbs had lived with such a horrible memory? The flashback scenes with him and Mike Franks rumbled with portent and angst, as the two men battled out the tension between lawful duty and the rescue of abused girls and women from certain death.  While we always knew Franks was one of the truly good guys, we got an amazing look at what made him such a credit to the human race.  I mean, what a guy!  Not content with just saving one girl from a life of horror, Franks went on to run a sort of - as he put it - underground railroad for endangered Afghan girls and women.    Read More...


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