Chicago Fire Review: Find My Arsonist

It’s good to see this Chicago Fire is back to being smoldering hot with "A Nuisance Call."


Hadley’s downfall is almost bittersweet. At some level I think he always wanted to get back to that level of friendship and comradery with the house, and setting all of those fires is his way of doing so (albeit the method is completely crazy).

Kelly goes out of his way to find the evidence to put Hadley away, the phone was a genius idea, but by the end of their encounter Kelly’s only goal is to save his life. In that moment, it’s not about evidence or seeking justice, Kelly just wants to save his former comrade and the rest of his team inside the building. It’s a powerful scene of personal sacrifice, and it serves as a good answer to Gail’s question to Boden about wanting to do the job. There needs to a reason why they wake up to deal with people who abuse the system, the budget slashing, and the constant danger they face.  Read More...


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