Supernatural Recap: Devil Don’t Care

Well, points for keeping us on our toes. With last week's very good season premiere, the CW's most illustrious demon dramedy felt confident, inventive, and surprisingly fresh considering it is now one thousand years old in TV years. As far as season premises go, this whole fallen angel angle falls somewhere on the spectrum between comfortingly familiar and thrillingly unpredictable. Angels, man. Bring 'em on. But WHOOPS. Then came this week's episode, "Devil May Care." And it was not a very good episode! Uh-oh, do I need to take back all my praise from last week? Whereas that premiere felt like a really good mixtape of Supernatural's best characters and concepts, "Devil May Care" was the kind of go-nowhere, boring wheel-spinning that Supernatural usually doesn't resort to until around episode sixteen, when it's trying to stall for time. It's too soon for this, Supernatural! Fortunately, at least two great things prevented the episode from sliding into complete ruination: Abaddon and Ezekiel. They were terrific! So we can probably call off the Hellhounds for now. Get back in the Hell Kennel, Hellhounds. Finish your Hell Kibble. Guys, let's talk about "Devil May Care."  Read More...


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