'Arrow' Season 2: Stephen Amell on Oliver's journey and why no Felicity dating yet

"Arrow" Season 2 is bringing us a whole new Oliver Queen -- a man who wants to be a hero instead of just a vigilante. But what does that mean, really? The show's star, Stephen Amell, previews the new Oliver -- along with his possible relationship with Felicity -- in this interview.Some of the answers may surprise you.Warning: There are some minor "Arrow" spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.How would you describe Oliver Queen this in Season 2?Stephen Amell: First of all, he's much more open to advice. Second of all, he's damaged and he's hurting -- which is not dissimilar from last year -- but he's trying to work on it as opposed to just masking it over with anger and revenge and all the things that he was doing last year. He's hurting, but he's letting himself feel that pain. And that's the first step to making yourself better. There's also more joy...



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