Arrow Season 2 Review “Identity”

It looks like there’ll be no shortage of action in this season of Arrow. Oliver really has his hands full, and I have a feeling his life is going to continue to get more complicated. His new path has quite a few more potholes than he expected, and he’s having a hard time figuring out how to balance the two lives of Oliver Queen.

Let’s start with his relationship with Dig and Felicity. Now that Oliver has taken over at Queen Consolidated, he’s asked Felicity to serve as his personal assistant. He thinks it’s a perfectly logical move while Felicity thinks it’s insulting. Even after Oliver explained why he moved Felicity out of the IT department, she was still pretty miffed at him. She actually spent most of the episode kind of ticked off with Oliver. Ultimately, I think she was able to see that Oliver is pretty much stumbling around in the dark trying to figure everything out. So she decided to ease up on him, but I must say that I thoroughly enjoy Felicity even when she’s snarking at Oliver. Sometimes, especially when she’s snarking at Oliver. Oliver has been so wrapped up in his own guilt and his own pain that he hasn’t seemed to notice what’s going on in Dig’s life. Dig and his girlfriend broke up (which let’s face it, that was a weird relationship anyway) because Dig is still so focused on finding and taking out Deadshot. He can’t seem to let go of what happened to his brother, and that just drove Cassidy away. It’s sad, but Dig didn’t want to burden Oliver with it because he felt like Oliver had enough on his plate. But in addition to being Oliver’s driver and bodyguard, Dig is Oliver’s friend even though Oliver hasn’t exactly been the best friend as of late. He acknowledged that and apologized for, basically, having his head up his butt and he and Dig actually had a really nice broment there. While it looks like Ollie’s mended fences with his team, the rest of Starling City seems to be spinning out of control.



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