Survivor: Blood vs. Water Review “The Dead Can Still Talk”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water returned tonight with a very entertaining episode in “The Dead Can Still Talk”, as Caleb takes the position of power in the Tadhana tribe. With barely any screen time thus far, and only being known as “The dude that’s dumb enough to get engaged to Colton”, Caleb got a much more starring role in tonight’s episode after his big power move last week. So does he take the extra attention in stride? Or does it all go to his head? I’ll let you take a wild guess, but one little hint: This isSurvivor!

We start out with some great reaction footage from the Tadhana tribe, as they’re all still reeling from the crazy blindside in last week’s tribal. Not only did we get those scenes, but the “Blue view” camera extended past the credits as well, as we cut to a downright weird scene at the Galang campsite. Laura M hasn’t had a lot of screen time this season, apart from beating her daughter in every challenge, but tonight she massaged Aras in a totally over-the-top manner. I mean, there is a way to massage someone in a friendly and innocent manner, and this was not it. She made the whole situation even more creepy by stating that she’s so good at seductive massages because she’s been married for 20 years. Yeesh.



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