Revolution Season 2 Review “Patriot Games”

In the appropriately-titled “Patriot Games,” Revolution’s various characters began to test the Patriots, looking to see just how far the militant group was willing to go. However, while there were several scenes that felt necessary for the characters, there was very little new information for the audience, making for an overall weaker episode of the second season.

Both Rachel and Miles were on their own missions to investigate what the Patriots were up to in Texas, but they were both fairly uninteresting. For Miles, his journey to Titus’ compound felt like a whole lot of padding, particularly when he ran into Titus himself. Last week seemed to show that Titus had met his end, but apparently he survived… only to be quickly dispatched here. Though it worked to confirm Miles’ suspicions about the Patriots, it didn’t really give the audience anything. Honestly, the scene just served to muddle Titus’ character, so I wish the scene had just been left out.



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