Wentworth Prison Series 1 Review “Mind Games”

After the shockingly violent events of last week’s Wentworth, Jacs’ standing at the top of the prison hierarchy has been dramatically undermined. Franky and Bea no occupy the position of top dog, and things are looking so dodgy for Jacs that Erica recommends she go into protection for the rest of her 14-year sentence. But Jacs isn’t one to back down that easily, and she refuses.

Power has always looked good on Franky, but she’s smart enough to capitalise on Bea’s popularity rather than challenge it. Taking a beating for another inmate wins you a lot of points in a place likeWentworth, and there’s also the assumption that Franky is genuinely grateful for what Bea did for her. I struggle to see this joint leadership continue forever, however, since not even the prison staff know what to expect now that there’s a third player in the mix. Jacs has power of both Will, who’s drug habit hasn’t gone unnoticed, and Vera, who we discover organised the riot in episode one.




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