White Collar Season 5 Premiere 2013 Advance Review “At What Price” – Orange is the New Suit

In the White Collar Season 5 premiere, called “At What Price,” Peter is the one in jail and this time it’s up to Neal to figure out a way to get him out.

Orange is the New Suit

When last we saw our favorite duo, Peter had just been arrested for a murder that Neal’s father committed. The episode picks up mostly where the Season 4 finale left off and we get to see Peter in an orange jumpsuit this time. It was a real trip to see Peter out of his normal uniform of a dapper suit and when Neal goes to visit him in prison, I felt like I was watching the pilot episode with my TV flipped upside down or something. There is a definite dynamic shift that happens when Peter is the one under guard, unshaven and in a the jumpsuit. It’s disconcerting but also extremely fascinating and it almost made me wish that we could see Peter that way for an entire season.




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