Nashville Season 2 Review “You’re No Angel Yourself”

I’ll admit that the final song from Maddie and Daphne James broke my heart a little, and it’s moments like that which make me stick with Nashville despite all of its glaring flaws. In this week’s episode, ‘You’re No Angel Yourself’, for example, the main catalyst for drama was Teddy’s new engagement to not-pregnant Peggy. If I have to watch her check and recheck her pee-stick until Christmas, I’m going to start throwing things.

But, as annoying as that storyline undoubtedly is, Teddy is at least doing the best he can in a bad situation. His timing, however, left a lot to be desired when he brought Peggy to an event Rayna and the kids happened to be at too. Maddie found out that the dad who raised her is getting ready to start a new family, all while she’s dealing with the discovery that her real father is an alcoholic musician she doesn’t even know, so she does the smart thing and runs away to nowhere.



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