The 10 Grossest Deaths on The Walking Dead (SPOILERS)

The Walking Dead is one of the goriest, nastiest shows on television right now. We've rounded up the ten most disgusting and horrifying deaths, including some major cast members.  Reader beware!


Episode: Season 3, Episode 4 - Killer Within

Character: Lori
How: Blood loss from C-Section, followed by a shot to the head
Given the chance, don't get pregnant during a zombie apocalypse. If zombies don't kill you, having your baby cut out of you will. Or your son will shoot you in the head to keep you from zombifying, whatever. This death also ranks for driving Rick bananas for the better part of a season.




Episode: Season 3, Episode 2 - Sick

Character: Tomas
How: Machete to the forehead
Tomas is a straight up villain, and Rick straight up murders him. He does so in epic fashion, with a machete to the forehead.





Episode: Season 2, Episode 13 - Beside the Dying Fire

Character: Jimmy
How: Eaten alive by zombies
Poor Jimmy, Beth's boyfriend, brought the RV around to rescue Rick and Carl, but it did not work out super well.





Episode: Season 4, Episode 1 - 30 Days Without an Accident

Character: Zach
How: Eaten alive by zombies, then crushed by a helicoptor
After being briefly established as Beth's new young fella, poor Zach was promptly bitten in gruesome fashion and squished by a helicopter. No wonder Beth doesn't cry anymore.





Episode: Season 3, Episode 3 - Walk With Me

Character: Sean (military)
How: Helicopter crash
One of the only non-zombie deaths on this list, this poor army dude gets sliced in half by a helicoptor blade.  We only see the result and his inevitable reanimation, but ewwwwwwww.




Episode: Season 3, Episode 12 - Clear

Character: Hitchhiker
How: Eaten by zombies by the side of the road
Although you don't actually see his gory demise, it shockingly demonstrates just how ruthless Rick and company have become when they ignore a hitchhiker's plight and return to the smears to pick up his backpack. 




Episode: Season 1, Episode 4 - Vatos

Character: Amy
How: Bitten by zombies
Amy's spurting, tragic death was the first of the show that really tore us apart, although not as much as it did Amy! It took her sister Andrea a few seasons to recover from the shock.




Episode: Season 2, Episode 9 - Triggerfinger

Character: Sean (gang)
How: Face eaten by zombies
Okay, Sean was a jerk, but nobody deserves to feel his face being eaten. For some cognitive dissonance, look how happy the actor looks in his no-face getup.





Episode: Season 2, Episode 11 - Judge, Jury, Executioner

Character: Dale
How: Disemboweled by zombies, then shot in the head
The group is devastated when Dale, their moral compass, is ripped from their midst. He is disemboweled by bony zombie fingers and was painfully bleeding to death before Daryl took him out of his misery.




Episode: Season 3, Episode 4 - Killer Within

Character: T-Dog
How: Eaten by zombies
T-Dog, a fan favorite, survived two seasons only to get bitten on the shoulder like a chump. Heroically, he sacrificed his remaining time fighting walkers to save Carol. Daaaaaamn, that's nasty.



Did we miss a great, gory death? Disagree with our ranking? Let us know in the comments!

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