Reign Season 1 Review “Pilot”

Since it was announced, Reign, the newest teen-focused drama from the CW, has been a source of contention for anyone who cherishes historical accuracy in their television. It’s camp, silly and looks nothing like life was back then – but hey, who cares? The success of the show will depend entirely on who’s watching and, so far, it’s not so bad. It also looks beautiful, with pretty people walking around pretty sets and locations.

Mary is the innocent girl thrown into a world she neither understands nor cares for much, there are two strapping suitors (brothers no less!) to keep her occupied, and a gaggle of girls all with their own storylines and love interests to pad the series out. So far, it’s very fun, with lashings of the sauce and the darkness that makes the best CW shows better than the rest. It has an edge, with the plight of women at the time not entirely glossed over.



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