The Good Wife Season 5 Review “Outside the Bubble”

It’s been a strange experience to watch the beginning of the fifth season of The Good Wife. Since early in the season, advertising for the show has been touting the October 27th edition of the show as “must-see” and a “game-changer”. Instead of teasing us throughout the beginning of the season as we watch Will/Diane/Somebody Who Isn’t David Lee put the pieces together, the show announced when we were finding out, and told us to make sure we watched that episode in particular. Given how big of a deal producers made of the split prior to the season, these early episodes of the season have felt like little more than piece-movers. There’s nothing wrong with a little throat-clearing on occasion, but The Good Wife is not the type of show that holds for a beat. It presses onward because the procedural aspect of the show demands it. With 22 episodes to fill, it’s hard to fault The Good Wife for treading a little water on occasion. However, the show didn’t have to make it blatantly obvious we were doing just that.



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