'Arrow' recap: Will Laurel discover Oliver's identity?

Is this it for Oliver Queen's career as a vigilante hero on "Arrow"? Only two episodes into Season 2, and it looks like Laurel has caught the Hood in an inescapable police net. How does Oliver get out of this? The show won't tell us until next week.All that we know right now is how Oliver got to a place where Laurel could catch him.Roy fails this city, but not for lack of tryingWhile Oliver shows us that a summer on the island hasn't hurt his abs one bit, a truck heist is going down somewhere else in the city. Or it would be, if Roy weren't such a good (and reckless) driver willing to take on machine gun-wielding motorcyclists.Alas, there's only so much that even Roy can do -- gunfire causes the boy to flip his car. The cops arrest him, and the real bad guys take out the truck drivers and escape....



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