'The Tomorrow People': Stephen's new job is killer in 'In Too Deep'

Lots of teens have awful after-school jobs. But Stephen Jameson's new job in "The Tomorrow People" may actually be deadly. The second episode, "In Too Deep" shows just how dangerous Ultra and Dr. Jedekiah Price can be.Will the job prove deadly to Stephen and his new Tomorrow People friends? Find out in this recap.Stephen's dayLike most teenagers, Stephen has to be woken up by his mother to make it to school on time. Unlike those teenagers, however, Stephen can ditch is brother and teleport into the school's janitorial closet. And then there's the after-school job at Ultra, where Stephen teleports all over, lifts weights with his brain and so on. It's kind of cool to work with your uncle, isn't it?On the other hand, Jedekiah points out that part of the job is rounding up rogue Tomorrow People. What they do next is left vague.Stephen's next stop is the underground lair of the Tomorrow...



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