'Nashville' recap: Maddie works through her daddy issues while a murder (yes, murder) is uncovered

What a terribly unhappy family photo above ... which makes it perfect for this recap, since Rayna's whole family went down in flames in Wednesday (Oct. 16) night's all-new "Nashville." So what happened in "You're No Angel Yourself?"Who is Rayna Jaymes without her voice?Rayna still doesn't know if her voice is okay after the accident -- and even goes so far as to cancel her tour with Juliette (more on that later ) -- and the only person she talks to about it is her dead mother. She takes her daughters and sister Tandy to her mother's grave on her birthday but since Maddie was acting super mopey and angsty, the nice moment was totally ruined (ugh, teenagers and their angst). Tandy brought the girls back to the car while Rayna confided in her mother alone, but she had to put her emotions on hold, because Maddie's daddy issues were only just starting.Juliette's plan...



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