Nashville Recap: Their Lips Are Sealed


Do you know what Nashville needs? More record contracts.


I’m serious. It seems like all you have to do is burp onstage at the Bluebird and someone will thrust a record contract in your face, so why not a few more? I’ll just toss out one example: Gunnar. Remind me again why Gunnar doesn’t have a record contract? I mean, I understand that he got a little irresponsible and ragey last year after the death of his brother and blew his one chance — but couldn’t he get another chance? Does not the collective record signing community (People of Contract?) notice that he’s super cute, has a beautiful voice, plays the gi-tar, and writes his own music? Considering that Edgehill (and now Highway 65) hands out contracts like Oprah hands out Pontiacs, you’d think they’d find a spare one lying around to give the kid. For that reason, his whole “I don’t want to be a songwriter, I want to shine!” story line just doesn’t ring true to me.  Read More...


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