'Game of Thrones' Season 4 casts Struan Rodger: Is he Bloodraven?

Some "Game of Thrones" storylines are catching up to the "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series faster than others. British actor Struan Rodger has been cast as a major character in Bran's storyline who is introduced in the fifth "ASoIaF" novel, "A Dance with Dragons." Be warned, some spoilers lie ahead. On Rodger's online resume, his "Game of Thrones" character is listed as "Three-Eyed Raven," and it seems like he appears in multiple episodes. Since an actual three-eyed raven already appeared in Bran's storyline in previous seasons as an animal, it seems safe to assume that Rodger's version of the character will be the person Jojen and Meera are taking Bran to. If that is the case, it seems likely that Rodger is actually playing Lord Brynden Rivers, better known as Bloodraven. The character first appeared in "A Dance with Dragons" as the human form of the three-eyed crow as the end...



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