'Homeland' Season 3: Could Carrie be turned against the CIA?

"Homeland" has been off to a slow start in Season 3, earning some backlash for seemingly retreading on storylines like Carrie being off her medsand being at odds with the CIA. But while some of these plot points seem familiar, could it be that they're heading towards a different end game? After all, at what point will Carrie finally reach the end of her rope with a country that doesn't seem to be on her side? A recurring plot point in Season 3's first three episodes is the fact that the CIA is throwing Carrie under the bus. First her relationship with Brody was leaked, then Saul revealed her bipolar disorder and, as seen in episode 3, he now won't even field her calls. "Tower of David" intentionally paralleled Brody and Carrie's journeys by showing that they're both prisoners of their situations, but the parallel might run deeper than that. Brody was turned against his...



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