'Covert Affairs': Annie's fake death and life on the run in 'Dead'

Having faked her own death, Annie is now on the run and looking for a way to destroy Henry Wilcox. How far did she get in the first fall episode of Season 4?Does the new "Covert Affairs" work?Life after deathThere are a lot of negatives in Annie's new life. For one thing, she's completely on her own. The CIA can't help her. She has no friends. Were anyone in law enforcement to realize she is alive, it would be very bad. In order to avoid detection and infiltrate the correct organizations, Annie is stuck living in terrible neighborhoods with scary people.On the plus side, that is one great motorcycle. Her hair is nice too.On the jobAnnie's first avenue of attack seems to be Henry's ex-wife -- and Jai's mother -- Sana. The two women meet in a grief support group and soon strike up a friendship. In an impressively short amount of time Annie...



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