'The Vampire Diaries': A new bump in the road for Damon and Elena?

Thursday (Oct. 17) night's "The Vampire Diaries" presented Damon and Elena with a new obstacle to overcome in their relationship: according to Qetsiyah -- a.k.a. Tessa -- the universe has created many versions of Stefan and Elena's doppelgängers over the centuries with the sole purpose of finding each other and falling in love (read our full recap here). Tessa has watched it happen over and over again from the Other Side, and while Damon loves Elena and Tessa loves Silas (the original version of Stefan), they are just the complication that makes the story interesting. They don't stand a chance, not when the universe has fated Stefan and Elena to fall in love.Of course, Damon and Elena proved they didn't care what the universe had to say by professing their love for each other once more, and calling Tessa "crazy." They shared a powerful Delena moment that gave fans hope that despite what might...



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