'Haven' recap: Big revelations and a big death in 'Countdown'

Have you picked your jaw off the floor yet, "Haven" fans? After all, before "Countdown" ends, Jordan dies, Nathan learns the truth about Audrey and Wade Crocker goes all psycho-killer.It's kind of a big deal. Get the details in this recap.Audrey is Lexie and Lexie is Audrey -- that's not confusing at allAs we learned right at the end of the last episode, Lexie is actually Audrey, just with a new hairstyle. There's actually a little more than that -- Audrey remembers her Lexie persona and can switch it on whenever she wants -- but that's the gist of it. This probably has something to do with the barn destruction and going through the door.Whatever the case, Audrey/Lexie really doesn't want Nathan to find out any of this. She is justifiably concerned about the man's death wish, not to mention what the Guard would say or do. Duke doesn't want to keep the secret,...



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